1) Why should I use a fan shroud?
2) Will my original shroud fit a Griffin radiator?
3) Should I use a pusher fan or a puller fan?
4) I don't have room for a fan shroud on the engine side of the radiator; can I use one on the grill side?
5) Is a curved blade fan better than a straight blade fan?
6) Is an electric fan better than the original engine driven fan?
7) How do you mount the fans to your radiators?
8) What type of switch should I use for my electric fan?
9) Does Griffin have thermostatic switches for all the fans you sell?
10) What is the CFM rating on Griffin fans? What is the amp draw?
11) The fan I just bought has mounting straps that go through the core. If I use these straps will it hurt the radiator?
12) Should I use a flex fan?