Our Motivation 

At Griffin we strive to design and build cooling packages that exceed your aircraft support vehicle’s needs.

How We Do It

We start by utilizing cores that are specifically designed for the airfield environment. They provide both the superior cooling and the durability demanded by aircraft support vehicles.

Why We Do It

Support equipment requires increased heat transfer and durability to accommodate the additional strain from operating on the hot tarmac for extended time periods.
This additional stress combined with the thermal shock load of entering and exiting climate-controlled facilities regularly requires the unprecedented quality and durability of Griffin Aircraft Support cooling components.

Excellence through innovation, we’re exploring new ideas every day.

Griffin Thermal Products has professional and experienced engineering staff. We use the latest computer software available to model your project from concept to production.
Along the way we can evaluate your product with the use of thermal dynamics and computational fluid dynamics to ensure efficiency. The end result is the most efficient product
available for your specific cooling needs.