A True Manufacturer (ISO 9001: 2015 Certified)
Almost anyone can buy components and assemble a radiator, and the truth is that many so-called manufacturers do just that. Griffin is an integrated manufacturer. By controlling every step of the manufacturing process, we produce a cooling solution with components that are performance matched for optimum cooling. We strive to produce products that far exceed our customer's expectations. A Griffin cooling solution is a performance package built for your specific application.

Whatever your need

We build cooling solutions for generators, street sweepers, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and too many other applications to list. Griffin has a solution for you or can build it to your exact specifications. Your Griffin cooling solution is truly a performance package and is tailored to your exact requirements. In most cases our engineers can design, prototype, and deliver your new solution in less than 90 days.

Griffin Advantages

  • * Optimize the product using our Engineering and Manufacturing Expertise for both cost and quality

  • * Work Closely with your Engineering and Purchasing Teams to ensure a smooth transition to our products

  • * Once approved, we will stock your product at our facility in SC for immediate delivery as needed with no gaps in the Supply Chain

  • * Drop Ship Options

  • * A “Sense of Urgency” built on years of Commercial Experience

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