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Griffin Thermal Products intercooler cores and complete units feature top quality materials and construction for strength and durability against vibration. Each and every core is pressure tested to ensure flawless performance.


State of The Art

GTP's cores utilize state of the art Bar and Plate construction. This design has proven itself to be a top performer in almost every automotive racing arena from LeMans to import drag racing. Our cores Utillize Micro Extruded Cooling Tubes for quick and efficient heat dissipation while using a slightly less dense outer fin setup to provide excellent air flow to the radiator.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have a special need for an intercooler, fill out a performance sheet and send it to us. With advanced thermal profile software assisting our experienced engineers, we can select the correct configuration and surfaces for your product. If your requirements are not readily available, complete a sketch to illustrate your needs. We will design and build a product to fit your application. So, if you have been told that it will not fit or that it is impossible to do, call Griffin Thermal Products at 1-800-722-3723 and we will get the job done.