Fan Shrouds Puchased with a New Griffin Radiator 

The easiest way to get the perfect electric fan shroud is to order it when ordering your new radiator. Going this route allows our production
staff to mount the shroud to the radiator and our quality department to make sure it meets our standards and exceeds yours.
Please keep in mind that though we do offer radiators and shroud assemblies without factory installed fans we highly suggest you consider one of our pre-engineered ComboUnits.

Fan Shrouds for Customers Who Already have a Griffin Radiator

We are more than happy to build a shroud for your existing Griffin radiator. We simply need to know your part number and we can get to work.
Please remember that not all electric fans are created equal nor do they mount the same. We have a wide variety of Spal fans for you to choose from
or you are welcome to purchase your own fans, but the shroud will be setup by our engineers for a predetermined Spal product.

Completely Custom Fan Shrouds

This form of fan shroud is the most difficult. We are able to build them but ask that you speak directly with a member of the Griffin Sales Team.
Please be aware that these types of projects require a great deal of engineering and are often costly.

Contact Us for More Information

For more information on our products please contact us at: 1-800-RACERAD or (864) 845-5000

Our Commitment

Your purchase of a Griffin Radiator means better performance and long-term money savings. Contact our knowledgeable customer service staff to assist in identifying the
correct part to fit your specific needs.