At Griffin we take great pride in making sure your new cooling component arrives at your door in exactly the same condition that it left ours.
We utilize specially designed packaging and packaging inserts to keep our products safe on their journey.
Individual component packaging as well as bulk packing are available.


Griffin currently has a working relationship with most major freight and small pack providers.
If special arrangements need to be made we will do our best to accommodate.
Expedited shipping is available but is subject to carrier availability.


Our goal is to deliver the service, products, and professionalism that you and your organization expect. We are equipped to pack, handle,
and house everything from full production runs to single piece prototype builds. Our philosophy is to make your product as readily available as possible.
With no storage or dock fees and reliable shipping lanes within the Continental US we will meet or exceed your “Just In Time” demands. Confidence in
our partnership is the path to success.

Contact Us for More Information

For more information on our products and processes please contact us at: 1-864-845-5000

Our Commitment

Your purchase of a Griffin Radiator means better performance and long-term money savings. Contact our knowledgeable customer service staff to assist in identifying the
correct part to fit your specific needs.