It’s not your minivan core.

Griffin Radiator cores are designed for the high performance applications. They are not designed or manufactured to the minimum specifications of typical passenger car applications. Aftermarket or OEM automotive cores use thinner gauge materials. This results in shorter product life and an inability to perform to the thermal load requirements for high performance and racing applications. The loss of cooling capacity results in loss of horsepower and torque. This heat stress increases engine component wear and eventually decreases engine life.
The Griffin Thermal Products cores feature top quality materials and construction for strength and durability against vibration. Each and every core is pressure tested to ensure flawless performance. GTP's cores utilize state of the art Extruded tube and fin type construction. This design has proven itself to be a top performer in almost every automotive racing arena from LeMans to import drag racing. Our cores Utillize Micro Extruded Cooling Tubes for quick and efficient heat dissipation while using a slightly less dense outer fin setup to provide excellent air flow to the radiator.

Vacuum brazing and magnesium makes us strong.

Vacuum brazing in the manufacturing process is the key to the performance, strength, and durability of a Griffin aluminum thermal transfer products. After the radiator is assembled, all of the components must be joined (brazed) together by accurately heating it to a high temperature (approx. 1,100degrees F). The two brazing processes most commonly used are Vacuum Brazing and CAB (NOCOLUX) Brazing. Vacuum brazing requires magnesium to braze, magnesium is the alloy that gives aluminum its strength. Magnesium is used in the aluminum alloys for aircraft frames and in the structural components of vehicle chassis where high strength is required. A CAB brazed aluminum product does not have the equivalent strength of a Vacuum Brazed product because magnesium is absent in the CAB brazing process. This results in a substantially weaker CAB product.

We really mean Made In The USA.

Almost anyone can buy components and assemble a radiator, and the truth is that a lot of so-called manufacturers do just that. Griffin is an integrated manufacture. By controlling every step of the manufacturing process, we produce a radiator with components that are performance matched for the optimum cooling possible. A Griffin is more than some off-the-shelf, one size fits all, cookie cutter product. It is a performance radiator built to meet your specific application.