Welcome to Griffin Brazing  

At Griffin our brazing department is very diverse. Our innovative techniques give us the ability to braze small lot runs as well as full scale production.

Small Lot Vacuum Brazing

Through the use of small lot vacuum brazing we are able to rapidly produce prototypes. At Griffin we understand that certain projects need to be expedited and we are here to help.
Our promise is to provide speed without sacrificing accuracy.

Production Brazing

Our production brazing department is here to handle your large scale brazing needs. We are capable of brazing large quantities of the same part number as well as
mixing various part numbers while still maintaining oven balance.

Decontamination Washing

Prior to all of our brazing process all products are thoroughly decontaminated to ensure the best possible braze.

Contact Us for More Information

For more information about our brazing processes please contact us at: 1-864-845-5000