1960s Pontiac GTO

The Judge by Pontiac will always be American Icon among car collectors. The GTO Judge debuted in December 1968 and offered a rear-deck spoiler, blackout grille, and decals decorated the Judge body. The GTO was the brainchild of Pontiac chief engineer, John Delorean. Street performance was something Pontiac's advertising and marketing was heavily involved in the 1960's. The Judge name was Delorean's idea that was inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO, the successful race car.

For 1968 the GTO line included the Judge which had a redesigned body line for Pontiac design team with more curvaceous, fastback styling, and concealed headlights were a popular option. A unique feature was the body color and a endurance front bumper that was designed to absorb impact without permanent deformation at low speeds, Pontiac used this feature heavily in their advertising campaign.

Kellogg's, the cereal company, and "The Monkees", the TV show, teamed up with Pontiac in a advertising campaign to feature a guest role on one of the Monkees NBC-TV show, plus a new Pontiac GTO convertible! It was called "Kellogg's TV Screen-Stakes". The advertising featuring this Kellogg's grand prize give away is very scarce today.