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CoresIf you want the very best for your vehicle choose a Griffin Aluminum Radiator to keep it COOL.
Griffin stocks a huge variety of car and truck radiators for Ford, Chevrolet, Jeep, Dodge, Mercury, Lincoln, Buick, Pontiac, Chrysler, AMC, and Plymouth for almost all years and models.
If we don't currently stock your radiator we can quickly build one for you.
Have a specialty radiator? We have Engineers and Technicians on staff to guide you through the process of designing a custom product or adapting a current product to meet all of your needs.
Off Road or Race Enthusiast? We have a radiator to help you perform in the most brutal conditions. Our UniversalFit Radiators will accommodate almost any applications cooling needs. Griffin Radiator is a long time producer of quality products.
With over 30 years of experience building performance radiators, we stand behind our products and our people.
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Exact FitGriffin is proud to introduce the ExactFit series of aluminum radiators. With 30 years of experience in the performance cooling market and one of the largest collections of OEM sample radiators, Griffin has engineered the ExactFit series. These new products feature exact OEM fitment, OEM style stamped tanks, and mounting previsions for all factory equipment.
With a double focus on precision and performance, the ExactFit products install exactly the same as the OEM component. They offer all of the required mounting tabs, brackets, and spuds to ensure a seamless installation without any cutting, bending, or special tools. Optimal performance is achieved by the use of two rows of Griffin exclusive MegaCool 1.25 inch tubing or one row of Griffin exclusive ExtremeCool 1.50 inch tubing. The wider tube widths used in this product line create a greater amount of surface area in the same amount of space. This allows the product to far exceed the performance of the common two row 1.00 inch radiators. Constructed of only the best AA3003 aluminum, these new products are a step above the rest in both purity and design. Backed by the industries best two year warranty and no special coolant requirements, the new Exact Fit radiators are the top of the line. The ExactFit series aluminum radiators are the easiest to install, provide the best OEM appearance, and offer superior cooling performance. Custom electric fan and aluminum shrouds are available for most ExactFit products.
Sticking with our American heritage and our ongoing initiative to provide Made in the USA products, this new series is made exclusively at our 330,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing facility in Piedmont, South Carolina.

Performance FitThe series offers superior performance cooling at an affordable cost. Featuring Griffin exclusive MegaCool 1.25 inch induction welded tubing, these products are capable of cooling some extreme horsepower. Modern style, universal, welded tanks provide high performance and D.I.Y. (do-it-your-self) style mounting brackets make installation a snap. Backed by the industries best two year warranty and no special coolant requirements the new PerformanceFit radiators are at the top of their class.
The PerformanceFit series has been carefully designed to fit thousands of makes and models with minimal modifications. In some cases, the factory fan shroud will need to be slightly modified to accommodate the new product. The PerformanceFit series is also available as a ComboUnit. This package includes factory mounted, high performance electric fans and a hand formed aluminum shroud. The new Performance Fit series offers affordable performance cooling, modern style tanks, and optional Combo Unit upgrade to keep your vehicle running cool all day long.
Created for racing, engineered for performance, and perfected over the last 30 years, Griffin radiators are the best in the business. Stemming from the grass roots days of circle track racing, Griffin products are 100% American made in Piedmont, South Carolina. Call us today 1-800-722-3723.

Combo UnitA simple solution to a complicated situation; Griffin ComboUnits are the perfect combination of an aluminum radiator and electric fan(s). These products are constructed with Griffin 1.25 inch MegaCool tubing, a hand formed, all aluminum shroud, and high performance electric fan(s). The Combo Unit series has been created by Griffin engineering to take all of the confusing guess work out of switching to electric fans. The best fan for the radiator has been selected, the shroud and fan(s) have been mounted to the radiator, and the wiring harness has been provided. The end result is affordable performance cooling straight out of the box. Griffin Combo Units feature slim line fan(s) to accommodate more makes and models while Griffin Combo Unit Off Road products are equipped with thicker heavy duty fans(s). Please measure twice and order once.

**All Griffin ComboUnit products require the removal of engine driven fans.**

Universal FitWhen time is crucial and weight means everything, let a Griffin Aluminum Racing Radiator give your high-powered race car the advantage. Manufactured with lightweight aluminum technology, Griffin radiators are the choice of top racing motorsports professionals. Our aluminum racing radiators are designed in a wide variety of racing sizes for your needs in 1", 1.25" and 1.5" tube cooling. The Griffin design incorporates open fin spacing that promotes air flow through the radiator to enhance the cooling and help eliminate clogging. Griffin Universal Radiators are constructed of high grade aluminum to ensure flawless performance on and off the track. They are available with standard 1.00 tubes and oversized 1.25 or 1.50 tubes for extreme high performance applications. Several fittings and outlets are available for the perfect fit.