Griffin Automotive Radiators

are on the forefront of cooling technology. With the assistance of our computerized thermal dynamics and flow analysis software we have been able to engineer the individual components of our product to maximize performance. Through this research, such products as Griffin MegaCool tubing and Griffin ExtremeCool tubing have been created. These new tubing sizes are quite possibly the biggest advancement in aluminum radiator technology to date. Griffin tank designs have also been improved as a result of our advanced research. Identifying hot spots, low flow and high flow locations, and turbulation points are all part of our engineering process. Optimal performance is achieved by the use of two rows of Griffin exclusive MegaCool 1.25 inch tubing or one row of Griffin exclusive ExtremeCool 1.50 inch tubing. The wider tube widths used in this product line create a greater amount of surface area in the same amount of space. This allows the product to far exceed the performance of the common two row 1.00 inch radiators. Constructed of only the best AA3003 aluminum, these new products are a step above the rest in both purity and design. Backed by the industries best two year warranty.

Tube Size


Griffin ClassicCool tubes are designed with the beginner car guy in mind. They maintain the industry standard width of 1.00 inch and provide performance for motors which have been mildly modified.


Griffin MegaCool tubing is one of the largest innovations in aluminum radiator technology since the early 80’s. Boasting a 1.25 inch width this new tube offers an impressive 25% more cooling capacity (power). Capable of cooling moderate to heavily modified engines, Griffin MegaCool tube is a must have performance enhancer for the advanced car guy.


Griffin ExtremeCool tube is the biggest and the baddest tube on the market. At 1.50 inches wide it is capable of cooling some of the meanest engines out there. Available in both one row and two row configurations. ExtremeCool tube is only recommended for professional builders and mechanics.

Griffin also adds a unique manufacturing step to assure long life. Premium Griffin radiators are reinforced with a special high temperature epoxy that provides additional tube to header strength and helps prevent vibration failure. This process is Q-1 approved by Ford Motor Company, one of the toughest quality standards in the industry.