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Griffin PerformanceFit ComboUnit Radiator Details
Vehicle: 1971 mustang

Finish: Aluminium/Silver
Core Size: 26 X 19 X 2.68
2 rows of 1.25(in) tubing
Inlet/Outlet: TR/BL
Inlet/Outlet Size: 1.5"/1.75"
Flow Direction: CrossFlow
Overall Size: 31 W x 18.63H x 3
Description: Ford 69-73 Midsize Body 31 x 18.63 Ford Outlets Manual Transmission, PerformanceFit - ComboUnit, Includes: Shroud, Fan(s), Wiring, Temp Sensor, and Rad Cap, Fits: 71-73 Cougar, 69-70 Fairlane, 71-73 Mustang, 69-71 Torino
Combo Thickness: 5.7 (in)
Spal® Fan Info: Twin 12 (in) 1734 CFM total
Shipping Info: Weight-35(lbs), Length-29(in), Width-17(in), Height-36(in)

Suggested Retail Price $900.77
WARNING: Click Here for Proposition 65 Warning.

This product features 2 row of Griffin MegaCool 1.25 inch induction welded aluminum tube. Griffin MegaCool tube offers more cooling and more flow than the industry standard 1.00 inch tubing. for 1971  - mustang

A "one stop shop" for all of your cooling needs, this product is a Griffin High Performance Combo Unit. In an effort to provide you with the absolute best cooling performance for your vehicle we have paired this radiator with an electric fan and a hand formed aluminum fan shroud. In some cases Griffin Combo Units even include other accessories such as wiring harnesses, catch cans, and or AC condensers.

For more details on this combo unit or creating your own custom combo unit please calls us at: 1-800-RACERAD (1-800-722-3723).

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