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Griffin ExactFit Radiator Details
PART NUMBER: 8-00087

Finish: Aluminium/Silver
Core Size: 26 X 19 X 2.68
2 rows of 1.25(in) tubing
Inlet/Outlet: TR/BL
Inlet/Outlet Size: 1.5"/1.75"
Flow Direction: CrossFlow
Overall Size: 31 W x 18.63H x 3
Description: Ford 69-73 Midsize Body 31 x 18.63 Ford Outlets Manual Transmission, PerformanceFit, Fits: 71-73 Cougar, 69-70 Fairlane, 71-73 Mustang, 69-71 Torino
Combo Unit Link
Shipping Info: Weight-30(lbs), Length-29(in), Width-17(in), Height-36(in)

Suggested Retail Price $421
WARNING: Click Here for Proposition 65 Warning.

This product features 2 row of Griffin MegaCool 1.25 inch induction welded aluminum tube. Griffin MegaCool tube offers more cooling and more flow than the industry standard 1.00 inch tubing. for   -

Through customer demand Griffin has created a unique cross flow radiator for all enthusiasts who want the performance and style of an aluminum radiator without the cost of a custom made product. Griffin Dominator series radiators drop right into 5000 popular muscle cars and instantly provide the high performance cooling you demand. When combined with the available "Value Pack" which includes an electric fan, wiring harness, and fan mounting brackets the new Dominator series radiators offer pure performance right out of the box.

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