This site offers several search methods to find a Griffin Radiator or part.
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Search By Year/Make/Model:

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Select the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle from the drop down boxes. This search will return all radiators that will fit all configurations of the vehicle entered. The results set will include every radiator that could fit the various configurations of that year model. The Core Size measurement and inlet/outlet location will be your best indication for a match to your application. Please measure your original radiator twice. Use this link for How to Get Radiator Measurements.

Search “PartNo OR Year Make Model”:

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This search field will accept any valid Griffin part number to return results for that item, any vehicle year, make and model(ex: 1971 Chevy Camaro) to return all Exact Fit and Direct Fit radiators for that vehicle, most of our dealer part numbers for our products will return the current Griffin part number and associated product, words that are radiator accessory related and will return all items in that accessory category . A more expanded word search can be found at this link.

The ExactFit, PerformanceFit and ComboUnit Radiator Searches

ExactFit, PerformanceFit and ComboUnit Radiator Searches are Refined to target your specific application(Vehicle). Each of these searches requires vehicle specific information: year, make and model of your vehicle additionally transmission type - manual or automatic and your radiator measurement. The radiator measurement for exactfit and ComboUnit will require the radiator CORE measurements and PerformanceFit search will require the OVERALL radiator size. You will find instructions and examples of how to measure your radiator at this link. REMEMBER to measure twice and order once.

Griffin Radiator ExactFIT Search:

This ExactFit Radiator Search will return a result that is targeted to your factory specific automobile configuration. ExactFit products install exactly the same as the Original Manufactures Radiator component. They offer all of the required mounting tabs, brackets, and spuds to ensure a seamless installation without any cutting, bending, or special tools. OEM Mounting configuration makes installation easy install for the do-it-yourselfer.

Griffin Radiator PerformanceFIT Search:

The PerformanceFit Radiator Search will return a result that is targeted to your specific application. Superior performance cooling at an affordable cost, The PerformanceFit series has been carefully designed to fit thousands of makes and models with minimal modifications. D.I.Y. (do-it-your-self) style mounting brackets make installation a snap.

Griffin Radiator COMBOUNIT Search:

This ComboUnit Radiator Search will return all results that fit your vehicle radiator measurements. A simple solution to a complicated situation; Griffin ComboUnits are the perfect combination of an aluminum radiator and electric fan(s). D.I.Y. (do-it-your-self) style mounting brackets or OEM Mounting configuration make installation a snap.

UNIVERSALFIT Griffin Radiator Search

The UniversalFit Radiator Search will return all results that are a match for your engine compartment configuration and radiator Overall measurements. Our UniversalFit Radiators will accommodate almost any vehicle cooling needs. These cost efficient radiators are designed for the professional and hardcore builders.