The Cadillac

story is in many ways the story of modern America itself, certainly of the American car industry.

From the stately classics of the 1930s with their 12- and 16-cylinder engines, though the Elvis-age extravaganzas of the 1950s, to the luxury marvels of the 1960s, Cadillac represented a particular American brio and symbolized what the resourceful individual could accomplish.

But Cadillac seemed to lose some luster in the 1970s as Americans, sensibilities transformed by the turbulent 1960s, started to view premium-brand foreign cars as the new benchmarks of sophistication and prestige.

1965 Fleetwood Radiator
1965 Deville Radiator
1965 Eldorado Radiator
1966 Fleetwood Radiator
1966 Deville Radiator
1966 Eldorado Radiator
1967 Fleetwood Radiator
1967 Deville Radiator
1967 Eldorado Radiator
1968 Deville Radiator
1968 Fleetwood Radiator
1968 Eldorado Radiator
1969 Deville Radiator
1969 Fleetwood Radiator
1969 Eldorado Radiator
1970 Deville Radiator
1970 Fleetwood Radiator
1970 Eldorado Radiator
1971 Deville Radiator
1971 Fleetwood Radiator
1971 Eldorado Radiator
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